Mostly Wordless with hummingbirds, art shows, and veggies.

blog2011.08.03 photo004

The last of the radishes, and a carrot to try.

blog2011.08.03 photo001

A female hummingbird is visiting the feeder alot!

blog2011.08.03 photo002

A beautiful shot of her hovering.

I really really really need to clean my window. :/

blog2011.08.03 photo003

She’s flapping so fast!

❤ Hummingbirds!

blog2011.08.03 photo005

working on a new idea. I’m using size 50 thread, and it’s a little fine. I have to try size 20.

It’s been so sunny here! Loving it.  Hopefully it will dry out the basement and lower the water table enough that next time it rains it won’t flood.  It’d be nice to not have to panic about cracking concrete come winter.

blog2011.08.03 photo006

Here is the write up for the Art & Craft Show that was on the 31st. Some mis-quotes, but nothing serious. 🙂 Now I’m a little famous!! woohoo!

oh and you can see my awesome Orange MOP ring that I love!

blog2011.08.03 photo007

A little posed, but I’m glad they didn’t print my nervous smile. 🙂

Here’s the link to the Vintage Crystal Netted Necklace.

There you go, a mostly Wordless Wednesday post. 🙂

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7 Responses to Mostly Wordless with hummingbirds, art shows, and veggies.

  1. Carol-Lynne says:

    Love it, Anita! Good job on the article and the show!


    • Thanks Carol Lynne! I’m glad you came out. I was thinking with the cost of gas it wouldn’t be worth your while. But the people who bought your soap are enthusiastic about it. I talked about the virtues of purchasing local. 🙂


  2. molly says:

    such lovely work! i love seeing it!


    • thanks Molly! I have to make more netted necklaces, but they take sooooooo long. (and I haven’t sold one yet! 😦 )

      I also have an request for a shawl (yes, a beaded shawl), so I have to get the zillion beads and get started on that.

      I’ve got some new ideas, so hopefully I’ll get some good results and post them soon. 🙂


  3. Dianne says:

    way to go with the article Anita!!!


  4. Carol-Lynne says:

    The cost of gas wasn’t too much of a factor. I look at smaller shows as a chance to reach a market I wouldn’t otherwise see, to network, and to get my name out there. I received the information about the Rotary show only because I came to yours! I made enough to cover my costs and a little bit for time, and got new customers! Even with the Fringe Festival, it’s a way to spread the word, not necessarily make too much money. So thank you for organizing it and for inviting me!


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