Christopher Lake Art & Craft Show & Sale

We had beautiful 30 degree weather yesterday for the sale.  It was a bit windy and hot but much better than rain!  I was forgetful and tired by the end, and glad that it’s over.

blog2011.08.01 photo003b

This is the spot that my granma-in-law was at. She also allowed me to share her space, and my son sat there all day selling my jewelry for me.

So today we needed to pretty much do nothing and relax.  I couldn’t help doing something crafty – the best form of relaxation in my books – so I made a dishcloth.  I was getting frustrated because for some reason we’re always out of clean ones!  I used a Lion Brand free pattern you can find here.

blog2011.08.01 photo001

I used a neat red, cream, and brown ply cotton yarn.


In garden-ish news I finally got a hummingbird feeder.  And I’ve had a visitor!!

blog2011.08.01 photo004

This is the only photo I have where you can actually see the hummingbird. They're so fast! *hint: look under the feeder


I’ve had some good feedback from the sale, and some new ideas.  I’m looking forward to working on my jewelry for the rest of the summer.


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