I may even get some veggies in the fall!

blog2011.07.08 photo008

potato hills

I am learning to garden this year, and it’s been a learning curve.  Having lost many many tomato plants to frost in the first week was a defeating feeling.  And having the success or failure fall directly on my shoulders doesn’t help with the anxiety either.  I’ve been faithfully hilling the potatoes.  I noticed some flower buds yesterday so I think for those hills I’m done.  I’m confidant that the potatoes will be plentiful this year.


blog2011.07.08 photo007

helpers weeding

I’ve had a bit of help.  Two other newbies to growing our own food. (well we did try to grow veggies in Saskatoon, but neighbouthood kids came along and destroyed them.  that was a huge issue in the inner city – complete lack of respect for other people’s property. we couldn’t do or leave anything, even those decorative leaf bags, in the yard)  You’d think that after working at CHEP Good Food Inc. for a few years I’d be inately good at it. Nope. It just didn’t rub off from the awesome Community Garden Coordinators.

blog2011.07.08 photo001

zuccini or pumpkin or cucumbers, started late but doing well.

I started the zuccini, pumpkins and cucumbers late.  I had forgotten about them, and the onions.  I was just feeling burnt out and over-whelmed.  I honestly don’t like gardening.  Maybe I will next year, but so far – nope.  The squash vegetables have come up and look strong.  There hasn’t been a sign of onions. ah well

The carrots aren’t doing well at all either.  Although I think I’ll save the best ones to try to make my own seed next year.


blog2011.07.08 photo006

weeding helpers. They're learning what the veggies look like growing. Lettuce and carrots are easy.

You can see my shortcuts.  I only worked the soil in the beds, and piled the clods of grass & weeds in the aisles.  The soil is very sandy, so this fall I will be working cow manure and horse manure into the ground.  We have no shortage of either.  My lettuce looks a bit sparse, and I’ll probably pick some soon.  I haven’t had ANY pests yet.  I’m pretty amazed by that.  No deer, rabbits, gophers, or bugs.  It’s a little weird.  I remember my parents and grampa fighting the bugs all the time when I was a kid.  Gross fat slugs and beetles. ugh.  I’ve been planning on feeding those critters to the chickens, but no dice.

blog2011.07.08 photo004


I’m still crazy about these ponies.  ChocolateScotch is so adorable and sweet.  Relic is getting less touchy.  I can actually pet his forehead and sometimes his neck.  He still shies away from people or anyone touching him.  He kicked Rhiannon on the leg when she startled him.  She wasn’t seriously injured, just a huge bruise and some soreness then stiffness the next day.

You can see that they’ve just DEVOURED all the grass that was in that pen.  It was waist high, and now its all gone.  We need to get some leads and another halter so we can take them out of the pen to eat the grass in the rest of the yard.

blog2011.07.08 photo005

pony love

And since my SO doesn’t read this blog, I can mention that we may be getting a mini-donkey.  If I can come up with $50 plus cash for more hay/oats/feed in a very very squeaky budget.  My SO has a soft spot for donkeys.




blog2011.07.08 photo009

more beading love

I’m working on a pink multistrand necklace in this photo.  Similar to the grey and blue ones on the left.  I’ve been absorbed by those cute little triangles, and making some for earrings.  You won’t see them in the shop until sometime in August.  If you’re interested in seeing any colour combinations – leave a comment.  But now I’m going to make some of the square stitch ethnic-like earrings.  The ones I have already made for sale have expired from Etsy, so I’ll be selling them at the CLNA Art & Craft Show & Sale at the end of the month.  I figured I should increase my stock with more variety in the types I already have made.  I’m crossing my fingers I make some sales.  Sure would be nice to actually see some success in this venture.

July is going to be a hectic month!  I’m hoping that I can relax a little in August, but I’m thinking the panic to get enough wood cut will kick in.


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