Happy Canada Day eh!!

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Happy Canada Day!

I hope yours was a good one.  We had a very low key celebration.  BBQ, beers, coolers, firepit, and friends!  Lots of laughter and relaxing happened.  I got to show off the chickens and ponies (PONIES!!1!!1!!!)  The kids played all day and had a great time.

**Warning, lots o’ pictures in this post**

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Thriftgirl & Ninjabeardguy 😀

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sweet dreads!!

blog2011.07.07 photo014

getting shot at close range with an airsoft rifle leaves welts, m'kay?

blog2011.07.07 photo001



blog2011.07.07 photo013



blog2011.07.07 photo011blog2011.07.07 photo019

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Thriftgirl has a followers! She was a little surprised to be surrounded and mobbed.

blog2011.07.07 photo020

Thriftygirl feeding Gimme worms

It was a pretty great visit.  It’s nice to have friends over.  Next time we’ll have to take a long walk around the property.

blog2011.07.07 photo003

beading & sunshine

I’ve been busy focusing on beading lately.  (can you see my new project?) I listed a few new things in the shop, but I won’t be listing anything else new until after the Friends of the Christopher Lake Nature Area Art & Craft Show & Sale, in which I’ll be selling as well as running the event.  It’s going to be a busy weekend.


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3 Responses to Happy Canada Day eh!!

  1. Tanit-Isis says:

    Looks like you had a great one! I was actually in Saskatoon, dropping off the kids at R’s sister’s and going to another friend’s wedding shower (yes, on Canada day evening) so I still missed the fireworks. Next year. We’ve never gone to the fireworks out here, which is bummy, but at the same time, the best thing about Canada day is how many random people you run into amid the milling crowds. I just know we won’t have that here, at all.

    Also, I love your firepit.



    • I used to like going to the fireworks, but now the drunk crowds and the stress to get home on buses running once an hour was way to stressful so I didn’t go the last time or two that I was in Saskatoon. I’d rather just stay put and enjoy relaxing. 🙂


      • Tanit-Isis says:

        Oddly, I enjoy the congestion afterwards. Although I frequently lived within (long) walking distance. I haven’t been in several years, obviously, though, so I don’t know how they may have changed. I don’t think I ever tried to take the bus home, though. Saskatoon’s bus system pretty much blows, in my experience.


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