What’s growing on the farm?

blog2011.06.27 photo001

The plum trees have a ton of little plumlets growing.  I’m going to have to come up with a way to keep the deer away, as they are used to feasting freely on these little gems.

blog2011.06.27 photo005

My garden is finally growing.  I have peas and beans and corn up as well.  The soil isn’t great.  I’m going to have to till in some manure in the fall.  But for this year, I’ll have to be happy with what I get.  Which won’t be much, but at least my skills are slowly improving. My skills with a hoe that is.  My weeding is done mostly by hoe. I chop down the rows beside my baby vegtables and upturn all the weeds.  Then I’ll go back later and pull the weeds popping up right in amongst the veggies.  I also use the hoe to hill the potatoes up.  It’s hard on my back at the moment, but I think I just need to get used to it.

blog2011.06.27 photo002

Gimme giving me the orange eyeball. Wondering where the worm is. LOL She’s a bit of a glutton when it comes to wriggly worms.  I’m reducing the amount of chicken feed they get, and encouraging them to eat the grass, and other nomnoms I bring in for them.

blog2011.06.27 photo003

This chicken kept going for my butt as I sat in a white plastic chair. LOL  She looks a little mean.

blog2011.06.27 photo004

Gimme lets me pet her now.  She assumes this funny position of neck and butt sticking out and wings hunched up.  Their feathers are very soft, and they’re nice to pet.  I don’t know if she will ever get “cuddly”, but I like being able to touch her now.

Summer is here, and the kids are done school.  So I’ll be creating a routine of work in the morning and then free play in the afternoon.  I hope it works! We have to lay in wood for the winter, grow the garden, horse poop removal, and lots of little cleanups and fixups to get done.  Not to mention my crafting and Art & Craft Sale.


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3 Responses to What’s growing on the farm?

  1. Carol-Lynne says:

    Hi Anita! I purchase meat from Cool Springs Ranch and they have an established free-range chicken component to their farm. If you want, I am sure Janeen would be happy to correspond with you about the free-range possibilities for your chickens vs commercial feed. http://www.coolspringsranch.ca They are also on facebook. The chickens look like so much fun lol! Can’t wait for art and craft show, I’m busy making soap this week again.


  2. Jennifer says:

    I think I read somewhere that shiny things that move in the trees help freak out deer. Like compact discs, or pie pans hanging around in the branches. Some say human hair and urine repel deer too! Once the plums are nearly ready, the kids might have to have hourly musical parades around the plum trees to protect the fruit!! 😉


  3. Jason says:

    You know what keeps the deer away? Shooting them and eating them.


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