Ponies trumps Glass Blowing


I had a pretty good weekend!  On Saturday we took in the Parkland Arts Tour, visiting many artists and seeing the impressive skills that people in the area possess.

On Sunday we got ponies!!!

We’ve been waiting for ponies for so long around here, and finally two of them came!  We may still get a mare and her colt, but she got bred a few weeks ago and her owner wants to see if she’s pregnant or not.  I’m guessing that if she is pregnant, she’ll stay where she is and we won’t get her. 😦

I’ll show off the ponies first!

blog2011.06.13 photo003

The lighter pony is a gelding and the darker one is a mare.

Aren’t they gorgeous??

blog2011.06.13 photo002Their pen has a LOT of grass for them, and they were noshing on it constantly when they first got here.

The lighter one is named Relic, and the darker one was unnamed but so far has been Midnight and Chocolatescotch.  I’m not sure what she’ll be called yet. 😉

blog2011.06.13 photo001

blog2011.06.13 photo008

Rhiannon feeding Relic some oats, and a little nervous of the ponies


They’re very friendly.  This morning the girl pony came right over to me several times for pets.  🙂

Now onto glass blowing.  We stopped Ron Anderson’s Odd Ball shop (which is on his farm).  He had a lot of great balls and paperweights for sale, and at reasonable prices too.  But I was there mostly for the demo!

blog2011.06.13 photo004



blog2011.06.13 photo007

red hot ball in progress


blog2011.06.13 photo006

the furnace for heating the glass, the melted glass was in a furnace at the back of the room








It was very interesting to me to see glass manipulated first hand.  My ultimate goal is to do lampworking and make my own beads.

blog2011.06.13 photo005

a green ball!



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One Response to Ponies trumps Glass Blowing

  1. Tanit-Isis says:

    Wow, those ponies are amazingly lovely. Also I love the name Relic.

    … oh, the glassblowing is cool, too. 😉


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