Thrifty Thursday: vintage and antique buttons

I belong in a group.  A special group known as BA. We could stand up and tell our stories about how we couldn’t resist the jar on the shelf, full, and only $2.  Or the ugly cardigan we bought.  All for the love of buttons.

blog2011.06.09 photo003

Bakelite. They made so many awesome buttons with it.

Bakelite buttons have a market value apparently.  I’ve only done minor research, enough to know that they’re collectable.  Some of them may not be bakelite, but I haven’t tried anything but the hot water test as I don’t want to damage them.  They’re so smooth and glassy to touch.  They was a beautiful clicking sound when you knock them together, a little like music.  This isn’t my entire collection of bakelite, some were fairly boring, and some I just couldn’t find today.

Glass buttons. They're like jewels.

I have quite a few glass buttons as well.  I’m thinking that I’ll sew them down and make an art piece to display them so I can admire them more often.

blog2011.06.09 photo001

Some cool metal buttons.


I love all my buttons! I am an affirmed and unapologetic Button Addict.

I loaded a few more photos to my flickr 🙂


Meanwhile…. I’ve been busy in the yard and with my chickens (I have a whole barrage of photos!)  I wanted to speed up the friend-making process…. so I hit on feeding them worms.  Luckily for me I can just dig up some wonderful composty dirt in the woods, and find a ton of worms.  So I did – twice. Success. They loved it! I had two chickens being my little buddies. I even got to touch this one’s back before she ran away.

blog2011.06.09 photo005

Chicken and Worm - the epic tale....of snacking

I should have recorded this chicken running around the whole pen with a six inch worm hanging out of her beak while another chicken chased her.  It was pretty funny.

<img class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-467" title=" blog2011.06.09 photo004

Enjoying our summery days

blog2011.06.09 photo010

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