Meet Flopsy :)

I’m getting to know my chickens, slowly.  They’re less afraid of me, but aren’t my little feathered buddies yet. I’m hoping to eventually have them love me as much as the chickens from Small Measure and Five Green Acres love their owners.

blog2011.06.08 photo001I named her Flopsy because she has a comb that flops over her right eye.  She kinda has to flip it up with a toss of her head to see out of that eye, it’s pretty cute.  I named another Penny (Henny) and one Mother (Hen), but I’ve lost which ones they are again. LOL Mother was always cawing and clucking at me, giving me heck.  Penny was brave enough to eat some worms I brought, and had some speckles on her comb.  But they all have speckles that I think come and go on their combs – proably scabs from getting pecked by other chickens.  ugh.

Here’s a group(ish) shot.

blog2011.06.08 photo002

<img class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-452" title="I

Egg production has slowed down a wee bit.  About 15-17 eggs a day.  Down from 20+, which is odd to get from just 20 chickens.

We’ve had some odd eggs.  Misshapen, or huge, which turn out to be double-yolkers.  Haven’t had a “wind” egg yet.  They don’t have a yolk at all.  I ate an misshapen egg today, and it was fine, so it’s not quality, just appearence that is odd.

blog2011.06.08 photo004

TOP: double yolker; LEFT: misshapen; RIGHT: normal

We had another visitor to the farm last night. A doe!  I spotted her out the living room window, so I ran to get my camera so I could get a picture.  She was “gone” by the time I got to the window, so I braved the voracious mosquitoes and ventured outside.  She was on the other side of the unused garden area (that has the plum trees). She left shortly after I got these shots.

blog2011.06.08 photo005

blog2011.06.08 photo006

Have you ever tried to slap mosquitoes quietly while trying to take a picture? Not fun. 😉

I’ll be doing another shop update today.  Don’t forget that I’m offering Free Shipping this month!

I’ll be putting in some netted necklaces, that are all One Of A Kind, and only $25 each.


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