My birthday needs cake and an Etsy sale

!!My Birthday!!

blog2011.06.05 photo001

an orange cake, idea by my son and executed by my fiance

I had a great day of doing no housework and crocheting a gift for my brand new niece.


I made a sale in my shop for the month of June! FREE SHIPPING!!

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blog2011.06.05 photo007

my presents from Thriftygirl! yay for Holly Hobbie!!

blog2011.06.05 photo002

It's a mobile.

I choose to do an adorable pattern from the May/June 2010 issue of Crochet Today! magazine for my new niece.  This magazine is excellent and always has so many great patterns. I’m never disappointed.  The only thing that makes me crazy is that my subscription copy is so SLOW in arriving.  It’s in the stores before I get it in the mail. I find that very very frustrating.

blog2011.06.05 photo006

May/June 2010 issue

blog2011.06.05 photo003blog2011.06.05 photo005

I am using mostly thrifted yarn.  The yellow and blue are purchased though.

My family thinks it’s so cute that I’m going to have to make another and we can all fight about who gets it. LOL!  I suppose I will end up making two.  One for the upstairs alcove where the kids books are, and one for my studio (and eventually move it to the nursery when we have a baby).  I’m busy making the sun’s rays and changing the pattern up a bit for that.

In farm news, my birthday chickens are doing very well.  We get about 20 eggs a day, one for each hen.  They are supposed to lay about 300 a year, so 5 days a month they won’t lay an egg.  We’ve given away 2 dozen already.  I’m eating eggs everyday, which is a good thing for me.  And I’m looking up pickling recipes, and I will be baking more often as well.   I really like visiting with my Ladies.  They’re very interesting and I find them relaxing.

In jewelry news, I’ve listed 5 new earrings.  They’re crocheted flowers, and I think they’re very romantic, victorian, and the one with copper chain would look good with a steampunk outfit.  Not everything steampunk related HAS to be a gear or cog.

I made a sale in my shop for the month of June! FREE SHIPPING!!

The sale is in celebration of a birthday month here in the S&D household.  Just enter the code happybirthdaymonth when you’re checking out where it asks you to.  So you can look forward to four sales like this a year. 🙂  I’m also exploring the coupon code ideas at Etsy so stay tuned for more sales, or special discount codes for special occasions.  And remember, most of my jewelry is One Of A Kind, so if you like it, you should probably get it. 🙂  I also do custom orders of course!

blog2011.06.05 photo008

a gallery view of some of the pieces in my shop

And of course of cutie picture of Wallace.  I should do a post to show off all of our pets.

blog2011.06.05 photo004

I put his tail on his head while he was napping. He's so cute!

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