Thrifty Thursday meets Yard Decor

Combining found objects with yard decor can have some great results.

We’ve been cleaning up the messes left from the previous owner here and also taking some exploratory walks of the property, discovering treasures in the meanwhile.

I found some great glass insulators, some being chipped or shattered, while others in good condition.  I love the pale aquas, teals, and rootbeer coloured ones the best.  There are a few greens ones as well!  I browsed Etsy for fun to see if people were selling them, and found that they usually listed for $5 or so.  And I’ve seen them in antique stores for that as well.  Growing up in small town Manitoba, glass insulators were pretty common so I have a hard time believing that anyone would actually want to pay $5 or more for them.  I have seen tons of ideas out there in the internets for what to do with them, but decided on my own idea – a border for a flower bed.  After all, my favorite part is the rounded top.

So we combined a bunch of glass insulators (some found on the farm, and some gifted from granma), two metal wagon rims from a very very old and half buried cart found in a back pasture, old broken bricks that we broke up even more, and tiger lily bulbs from our previous home.

blog2011.05.30 photo007

Isn’t it gorgeous??? The insulators fit nicely between the rims.  The yellowish ones are from granma and are stained with rust.

blog2011.05.30 photo008

you can see my favorite green insulator

Our other project was the fire pit.  It’s not complete yet, but I can show you what we’ve got done so far.

blog2011.05.30 photo011

I love the different bricks!

Made from bricks found on the property, we’ve been laying them out in the circle pattern.  We intend to finish the last circle, and try to get another circle done too.  Can you believe that people are selling “antique” bricks for $0.25 to $1 each on Kijiji? This project would have been so expensive if we did it that way.  The dryer drum was also found on the property (yes there is a LOT of junk on this farm that we have to clean up).  We are going to put something in the trench around the drum and also get sand for inbetween the bricks.  We want it to be as safe as possible – wildfires are pretty scary.

blog2011.05.30 photo010

close up of the "antique" bricks. I think some of them must have been in a fire, or used for a fire pit at some point judging by the soot stains.

Using what you have on hand is SO satisfying. And cheap. Yay for both of those.


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4 Responses to Thrifty Thursday meets Yard Decor

  1. molly says:

    actually, i think the flower part of the design is yellowish…not the whole thing…


  2. molly says:

    i really like the wagon wheel/insulator combination! marvelous that the sizes match so perfectly!
    also, i have acquired a pyrex gravy boat and saucer in a – i think – yellow colourway. would you like it? i could maybe give it to yvonne sometime …


    • Yeah, I was pleasently surprised they fit so well together, it was meant to be.

      I don’t have any yellow patterned pyrex yet. I’m thinking it might be Butterfly Gold pattern. I would love to be gifted with it. Is there anything you’d like in exchange?



      • molly says:

        nope thank you! there’s nothing i need! but i would be happy if it went to a good home where it would be appreciated! i will see about getting it to you – in the fullness of time!


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