TT: Designing for Needlepoint and Embroidery from Ancient and Primitive Sources

I haven’t been thrifting in quite a while.  However I was in a new & used bookstore and decided to peruse the craft section in hopes of finding something great.  Which I did.

blog2011.05.19 photo001

Jan Messent is apparently a forefunner in freeform crochet & knitting

This book has a lot of good advice about how to look for and translate objects into your designs.  Lots of interesting ideas that I want to try.

<img class=”size-full wp-image-377″ title=”

blog2011.05.19 photo003

I really need to try the type of embroidery you use to hold in mirrors.

blog2011.05.19 photo004

I really want to do something like this.

blog2011.05.19 photo005

I love owls!

blog2011.05.19 photo007

The trees are even awesome.

<img class=”size-full wp-image-382″ title=”I

In the spirit of being thrifty I managed to get to some mending.  I like to mend my daughters clothes in a pretty way.

blog2011.05.19 photo002

I forgot to take a before photo, but there *is* a little hole underneath the butterfly.

I used this pattern, Stitchfinder: Crochet Nature Motif: Clouded Yellow Butterfly, that was included in a Lion Brand Yarn weekly email newsletter.

She wore them on Wednesday – so I think she likes them. 🙂


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