ThriftyThursday: beaded purses!

I almost forgot to do a thrifty post today!! Oh my goodness!!

So I found my beautiful vintage beaded purse and another not-so-vintage beaded purse to share today.  The photo’s won’t be great, as they’re taken at night here in my studio. :/

blog2011.05.12 photo001The purse on the left is not vintage but thrifted for a few dollars.  It’s not in good shape at all.  Stained on the inside and the beads on the outside have lost most of their finish.  But I got it so that I had something interesting for LARPing or Hallowe’en.

The purse on the right is a treasure.  I got it for $15 at MCC.  Which for MCC is a lot.  But so worth it and more.  I don’t know to much about it really.  The beads are metal with a 2 or 3 cut finish to give them sparkle.  I *think* the they’re made from brass (the gold coloured ones) but I’m not sure what besides steel the other 2 colours are made from.  It’s quite heavy too.  I keep meaning to graph the design.  I’m sure it’s from the 1920’s as it has an Art Nouveau feel to it.

blog2011.05.12 photo002

you can see how much of the finish is gone from the beads. I'm sure they must have been a sparkly silvertone.

blog2011.05.12 photo003

yucky inside. But that means it's good for Hallowe'en for Rhiannon.

The inside of the metal beaded one says Made in France.

blog2011.05.12 photo004

it's in good shape for being almost a hundred years old eh?

I’ve been busy today so I have a Sneak Peek for you and (drum roll puh-leeze) a FO as well!!! (…and the peasents rejoiced…)

blog2011.05.12 photo005

this idea has been kicking around in my head...and today I finally got it out of my head and done onto paper and then into beads. They'll be going into the shop!

blog2011.05.12 photo006

My Striped Shrug is finally done. It's from the May/June issue of Crochet Today! I have some issues regarding the way it "drapes" in the back (it doesn't). But I love the colours. I love the "look" (from the front). And it's easy!

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