Birthdays, WIP, and chipmunks!

The title just says it all…happy happy happy

It was a certain young man’s birthday on Monday. 😀 A yummy supper of favorite foods and cake was enjoyed! (hotdogs, perogies, and fries for those interested lol)

blog2011.05.03 photo002

I’ve almost got my shrug done, no new pictures 😦

But I’ve got my crystal netted necklace mostly done. I just have to find the perfect chain and clasp.  I think it looks pretty awesome. Still not sure if I can let it go! lol

blog2011.05.03 photo003

blog2011.05.03 photo004

We’ve been seeing quite a bit of new wildlife around here. The bald eagle (whom we’ve named Sam – from the Muppets) and his mate are back.  They have a wide territory so we don’t see them often.  The rabbit is hopping around, but no pictures yet.  Those Sharp-Tailed Grouse are infesting the small woods behind the house.  There are tons of them!  We hear the males doing their mating calls at all times of the day and night.  I’m glad we finally had someone tell us what the strange noise was.  It pretty much sounds like a small motor trying to start but just unable to turn over…so I was worried there was a mysterious machine or generator somewhere using electricity and possibly being some sort of hazard.

Our newest most adorable critter is a chipmunk (or several?!?).  The little guy is so freaking cute!

blog2011.05.03 photo001Such a little guy.  Squirrels and chipmunks and kittens! ❤

Those boards are going to be turning into shelving for my studio in the next few days.  I love the weathered grey wood.

I should be stocking some new pieces into the shop soon.  I’ve been working on the CLNA Art& Craft Show & Sale, so it’s been a little non-crafty around here.


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