rainbow buttons!

blog2011.04.30 photo002

Rainbow Button Necklace

I’ve been busy around here, with spring cleaning and organizing.  I finally managed to get this necklace done.  The buttons have been washed and sorted for a while now.  What do you think?  I’m certainly going to make a few more, and try different colour combinations.  Is there any colours you’d like to see done?  I really like the randomness of these button necklaces.  Each one is unique! This one has approximently 105 buttons in it, but who’s counting? 😉

studio 01

My computer and writing desk.

Moved my old old steel desk in from the garage.  Got it set up today.  There’s just enough space to do computer stuff and write.  NOT a sewing table/space by any means.  I’m reading that Mini Quilts book, Crochet in Colour, Super-Cute Crochet, and A to Z of Crochet – all from the library.  I’m thinking that I can tackle the leaf quilt, and I want to copy lots of the patterns in the Crochet in Colour book.  So many good ones! I have a request out of the Super-Cute Crochet that I should get on, now that I’m done the dragon.  I should share photo’s of that guy with you soon!

blog2011.04.30 photo004

a fairy glen not to far from the house 🙂

The ground is still so wet and the water level so high.  I wish it would dry up so that the basement would be able to be useable again. ugh.

I love the little woods around here.  There is to much deadfall though to be safe.  We’ll be clearing it out as we can.  This little “stream” (it’s not really, just a run-off channel) is so adorable.

Llama’s will hopefully come next week! I’m still excited!

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One Response to rainbow buttons!

  1. Yvonne Hill says:

    i heart the rainbow button necklace! i would love to see one with all white buttons, and a neurtal scheme as well. what do you think of threading them so that they lay flat?


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