It’s been a while…

whew. It’s been quite a while since I last posted.  I’ve been distracted with various life challenges.  Ones everyone faces at one time or another, and I happen to have gotten overwhelmed.  Hence the silence.  But now I feel I can get back to it. So Hullo! How have you been? 🙂


Wearing a sleeveless top for the first time outside this year, and loving it.

Spring has finally come!  The sun is out and it’s warming up and, more importantly, drying out the land.  We’ve started some seeds, and am looking forward to getting the very overgrown garden area tilled under.  We are also looking forward to getting our very first farm animals!  A few llama’s are coming next week, fingers crossed.  There is apparently going to be a baby llama, so if the birth goes well, you’ll be seeing some very adorable photos soon.  Also we will be getting miniature horses soon.  There is a pregnant mare in the little herd, so the current owner wants to keep them until the birth goes well (hopefully) so that if there are problems a couple of inexperienced people don’t have to make disastrous mistakes. And then – even more adorable photo’s!! 😀  I’m very very excited to have baby animals here!  It’ll give us a chance to really be able to tame and interact with animals we haven’t owned or intimately interacted with before.  I’m hoping carrots, apples, and other yummy treats work on the adults to make them love us.

The kittens, or chould I say cats, have started to go outside.  They’ll be indoor/outdoor cats I think.  Wallace, Jack, and Grim just love it. They hang out with the dogs and explore the woods.  There are A LOT of mice (and big ones too) around, so I hope they manage to catch some.

There is a big, brown rabbit living in the yard as well, in a little wooded area.  I’ve seen it twice now.  So cute! I hope that the marigolds I’m intending to plant in and around the garden work to keep the rabbits, deer, and other cute, hungry beasties out of there. 🙂

Crafting has slowed down quite a bit, but I’m starting to get back to that as well.  Brought home my other stash of buttons from where we had them stored.  Lots of inspiration going on over here.

Check out my Wordless Wednesday post for all those photos.


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3 Responses to It’s been a while…

  1. molly says:

    waiting breathlessly for pix of the llamas! and the horses…but they don’t hold the promise of fibery fun that llamas do…..heh heh!


    • Yup! I’m going to figure out what breed of llama they are, and then learn about how to harvest their wool. Won’t it be awesome to be picking, washing, carding, spinning, and dyeing my own yarn? Learning, and having others come and learn and do it first hand? We want to get Jacob sheep as well….so even some rare fibre there too!



      • molly says:

        jacobs have the most beautiful yarn….see the last few posts from yarnharlot for some great pictures of what she’s doing with a very special jacob fleece!


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