TT: 1971 Better Homes and Gardens – Hundreds of Ideas! magazine

My fiance is pretty awesome.  He brought me home an awesome magazine he saved from being recycled or thrown away.  A 1971 Better Homes and Garden Hundreds of Ideas! magazine.  It’s in pretty good condition for it’s age.  The back cover was used as a base for someone’s painting project. And there was something mysterious stuck on the inside that stained a few pages, but otherwise – great!

blog2011.04.07 photo001

for the best price - FREE -

There are some great photo spreads in here.

blog2011.04.07 photo008

chain curtain - perfect for the man cave

I love this idea for a multichain curtain for the man cave.  It’s a neat look. Very steampunk and industrial.

blog2011.04.07 photo004

Lots of interesting ideas.

I like the tin can ideas.  I have a LOT of tin cans.  What am I gonna do with them? I’ve been washing them and storing them in basement. I think making some of those curtains will use up most of my lids.  They’ll be good to hang out in the garden to help scare off the deer.  And I like the planter idea.

blog2011.04.07 photo006

I'm thinking of building these in my studio

blog2011.04.07 photo005

Pompom Fringe!!!

There was a lot of cool idea!  Check out my Flickr!

blog2011.04.07 photo002

There's Pyrex!!

blog2011.04.07 photo003

More Pyrex!

Thanks to my Sweetie!


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