*cough* *wheeze*

blog2011.04.05 photo004
I took Wallace outside last Thursday for the first time since we got them. He liked it of course. 🙂

The flu that I’ve been fighting off successfully has transformed into a chest cold.  Now I’m hoping I don’t get pneumonia! ugh! Been spending more time than usual in bed. :/

I haven’t been doing enough crafting.   I managed to get some earrings into the shop, but not my Earth Day earrings.  😦 soon!

I worked on Jake’s dragon today and got the main body done. Now I’m doing the legs, then wings.


blog2011.04.05 photo001

The Fearsome Yellow Dragon!! rowr!

I found my knitting sampler. I was organizing my yarn today and found this “scarf” that I started in Summer 2010.  I’ve been just practising knitting and purling. And alternately doing them to create patterns and ribbing.


blog2011.04.05 photo003

It's not super long, but I might finish it soon and just pin it around my neck when I wear it - proudly.

blog2011.04.05 photo002

my tension is getting pretty tight. I'm thinking I want to try a cable before I finish it off.

I’ve been avidly watching the election news, but I’m not going to get into that here. 🙂 However I forgot to brag about Nettie Wiebe wearing a piece of mine, that she bought from me in 2009, in her promo photos. Check it out! Yeah, you can hardly see it, but I made that! 😀 It’s gold jump rings with green beads. I’m pretty tickled about it.

The snow is melting around here and the kids are now in rubber boots rather than snow boots.  The garden is still snowed under. Soon! I’ve managed to keep those tomato plants alive so far. And we should be starting our other seeds soon.

I saw a coyote for the first time this morning, coincidently when the first geese landed on the frozen slough. We hear them yipping and howling all the time. I know we’re going to have issues when we get the chickens.  Hopefully we can keep them away with the help of a couple of llama’s we’re adopting soon.

Anyways, I’m going to drink some hot lemon relief and relax. *hugs*

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One Response to *cough* *wheeze*

  1. molly says:

    take care of yourself, sweetie! coughing that comes on after a viral infection can be nasty, so do be careful! as much as you miss it, the crafting can wait a bit until you’re back on your feet.
    but you can dream and plan!


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