TT: jewelery!! Some of my favorite pieces of my collection

blog2011.03.31 photo016

some of my vintage costume jewelery

You knew it had to happen.  A Thrifty Thursday about jewelery I’ve found in various second-hand stores.

I love the square mother-of-pearl necklace, it’s so elegant.  The rhinestones are turning black though.  The blue leaves piece is in such great condition.  The blues alternate dark & light, not sure if that’s clear in the photo.  The gold-tone leaves with the amber stones was a score.  So simple and graphic. The little pearl chain necklace isn’t valuable at all, but I like the pearls in their little circles of faded gold. It adds a romantic touch when I layer it with other pieces.

blog2011.03.31 photo004

Bone, pearl, and wooden necklaces

I usually buy necklace with the intent to break it and re-purpose the beads elsewhere.  I’ve done that A LOT.  I don’t feel guilty about it for the most part.  But when I find a gorgeous vintage piece – I rarely break it. I enjoy it as it is.  The wooden iris (above) was a different story.  It was hideous.  So I restrung it, changing the order and length.  Now I love it.  I was so excited when I found the round carved bone bead necklace.  It’s so great!  Even the clasp is carved bone!!  The elephant necklace is nice.  I’ve found that type of bead before, so it’s not so exciting anymore, but I like the pierced bone pendant. The pearl necklace is a recent find.  The clasp is so sweet, it’s a little flower.

blog2011.03.31 photo010

Silver-tone and Sterling Silver pieces. Also a faded wooden bead necklace.

I’ve had the art deco black pendant for a long time, about 16 years. It’s from Avon, as is the square pendant. Both the wire and chain they’re on are not vintage. The rose necklace is so cute, and I love the silver chain on the silver circle pendant necklace. I’ve taken to layering that necklace with others as it’s kinda plain but adds texture to other pieces.  The spider was an awesome find. I got it with the chain for $5. Probably the most “expensive” piece here for me. 😉 I’m not sure what agate is set in it.  The silver has tarnished because I’ve had it packed for the last 6 months.

The wooden bead necklace has faded to a wonderful coral colour. HOWEVER, this is because (most likely) from water damage. Most beads are not water-fast, which is why I always recommend that you do not wear your beaded pieces day in and day out. And do not wear them in the shower, bath, or swimming.

blog2011.03.31 photo007

Some of my goldtone pieces.

The owl is great! Rhiannon found it for me at the VV recently. So it reminds me of her whenever I wear it.  The oval pendant has it’s finished worn off, but is a great layering piece. The lariet is interesting.  The watch doesn’t work, and is my oldest piece.  It was my mom’s, and I’m not sure how I still have it as I only have 1 other item from my childhood. It’s interesting for sure.  I strung it on a different chain, or chains to be exact. Very cute and steampunkish.

I took some more closeup’s but I’m going to load them up to my flickr to save uploading speed for you. 🙂

I love jewelery and I feel a piece of jewelery can make or break your outfit.  I have a lot, and I am pretty picky about what I’ll wear with what I’m wearing. LOL Here’s a photo of me writing this post. 🙂

blog2011.03.31 photo001

Bright glass bead necklace I made for myself in 2009. ❤ the colours and weight

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