On my hook & needle

Here’s what’s on my hook and needle!

blog2011.03.25 photo004

Yellow dragon for Jake and a crystal netted necklace for me or for sale.

It’s my son’s birthday in little over a month.  And since I pledged to gift handmade, I’m making him a toy dragon. I was going to give him a afghan, but I realized he’d rather have a toy.  I found the pattern here.  So far so good.  I’ll be making a few more, fiance and Rhiannon are dragon fans.  I’m sure there is another kid or two out there that would love one.  I’ve got several ideas floating around.  Rainbow yarn, sequins, sew-on gems.  Lot’s of possibilities to make awesome dragons!  I’d make it a Crochet-Along project if there was interest! I’m not sure how many I can plow through before I get burnt out.

The crystals in the necklace are vintage.  It’s turning out to be a beautiful piece. I’m not sure I can let it go! 🙂  I don’t have one for myself yet….so this might be it.


Here are some photo’s of my mascot!

blog2011.03.25 photo005

The Doom of Sparkle & Doom Designs

blog2011.03.25 photo001blog2011.03.25 photo003









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