Thrifty Thursday: Pyrex!

Finally! A Thrifty Thursday post about my Pyrex.

Admitedly I am a newbie to collecting Pyrex – not a n00b as I’m doing my research before stating “facts”.  I started when we moved to the farm and in the first few SUPER QUIET evenings when my fiance was at work and the kids were in bed and I perused the internets.  I had gotten my Friendship casserole and Designs set at the VV earlier that week, and stirred by fond memories of my mom’s bright blue mixing bowls (Snowflake Blue) I wanted to know more about them and if they would be to “good” (i.e. valuable) to use.  Well! Are there ever a lot of information out there.  On my sidebar you can find the few best links I’ve found for information.  Needless to say, Pyrex is awesome, and it’s more awesome if you use it. Besides I can justify buying more if I use it. 😉

Viva la Pyrex!

blog2011.03.24 photo001

Missing only a square yellow Pyrex baking dish

Obviously there are Federal and Fire King pieces in there.  I love those pieces too.

Top Shelf: (L-R) Spring Blossom Gravy Boat and Saucer, Old Town Blue Gravy Boat (no saucer), Federal covered bowl, English and James A Jobling Pyrex casseroles with a similar pattern (name?)
Middle Shelf: (L-R) Autumn Harvest, mushrooms (not Pyrex, and has no identifing marks), Gooseberry mini casserole, Fire King casserole, Spring Blossom set
Bottom Shelf:(L-R) English Pyrex – the top one is “Vine”, and the bottom two are “Peach Flowers”, Designs (my favorite), a blue Delft cake plate behind and Friendship casserole.

blog2011.03.24 photo006

poor Autumn Harvest! 😥

Yup. That poor bowl has been through a dishwasher quite a few times. I got it that way, and so I won’t be to upset if it gets broken.  I handwash all my lovely dishes.

blog2011.03.24 photo002

I like English Pyrex. I get a thrill everytime I scoop one!

I finally found a website that helps to identify English Pyrex a bit.  Some photo’s are missing, so it’s a bit frustrating. I’ll have to get a book from the library sometime to fill in the gaps.

blog2011.03.24 photo005

can you spot the differences?

blog2011.03.24 photo004

The gold is gorgeous!

blog2011.03.24 photo003

the blue is exquisite

So this is my collection.  It grows a piece at a time when I find them.  I have a bright yellow Pyrex square baking dish to wash up and find a home for.  I’m lucky that my man loves Pyrex too. He actually found the Spring Blossom gravy boat and was pleased when I squee’d in excitement. He bakes awesome lasagna for me in the Designs casserole. Yum!

My goal is to get the Snowflake Blue mixing bowl set, but I’ll be enjoying all my scores until then (and after)!


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One Response to Thrifty Thursday: Pyrex!

  1. wendysquilting says:

    What a beautiful collection. I love mine too, it brings many good memories and feelings when I use mine.


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