Wednesday, feeling quiet

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3 Responses to Wednesday, feeling quiet

  1. molly says:

    i do love the picture of the dog and the chickadee! i wonder what they’re each thinking?
    i also have a fixation with old buttons – it started when i was small and my mother would let me play with the ‘button jar’, a quart bottle of assorted buttons. some days i would sort them into piles based on size, other times by colour, sometimes by ‘neat’ and ‘boring’! sometimes i would string them…
    hah! i thought i was playing! my mom knew i was learning…what she didn’t know i was getting was a fixation with old buttons!


  2. molly says:

    as an aside – i’m rj’s mom….


    • 🙂 Yup, Thriftygirl clued me in, but I knew you were a relation becuz of the name. I’m hoping RJ is doing well, I like seeing him at the farmer’s market when we go the odd time.

      I love buttons. I don’t remember playing with buttons as a child, just drooling over every dollhouse I saw. But I just love buttons. They’re like beads, but utilitarian.

      I’ve been making button necklaces, stringing them like beads, and they have an interesting luminence and texture. Little discs of varying shades. I made myself a brown one that I just love. I get compliments when I wear it, and people are always surprised that buttons can be beautiful when viewed in a different way.

      Thanks for continuing to stop by! I love it! 😀


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