Paper beads and Buttons – Sneak Peeks!

blog2011.03.08 photo001

coming home from Prince Albert Saturday, the sun is setting later and later. I wonder what these fields will look like in the spring?

It has been a chilly March so far.  I’m impatient and want spring to be here already, even though I am in no way prepared for it.  The sunshine is beautiful, and so warm.  I’ll have to happy with that, and watching the icicles grow!

This upcoming weekend I’ll be traveling to Saskatoon to check out Seedy Saturday (hosted by CHEP Good Food Inc.) and purchase a ton of heritage seeds, and some baby tomato plants from Harold & Moira.  Harold & Moira are an institution at Seedy Saturday.  They’ve been participating for years and are such a sweet couple.  I’ve missed them since I’ve moved to farm. (They also make awesome jam, so pick some up on Saturday if you’re lucky enough to live in Saskatoon or nearby.)

The CHEP lunch is also always so good! Gotta love what Karen and Shelaugh and their helpers cook up every year. Last year it was pumpkin and curry soup and it was Good.

I’ll be shopping over at The Trading Post, and Value Village, and if I’m super lucky I’ll make it to my beloved Village Green store. 🙂 My schedule is filling up fast, with friend-dates, shopping-dates, and Seedy Saturday. 🙂

blog2011.03.08 photo002

Fiance and my daughter playing “bird” lol

Everyone is getting a bit stir crazy here. I’m sure my daughter can’t wait until she can stay outside all day playing in the trees around here (close to the house of course due to the coyotes and cougars).

As for me staying busy here at home, that’s been happening!  I’ve been working hard on my Earth Day jewelery.  Here’s a sneak peek!

blog2011.03.08 photo003

Paper bead earrings and button necklaces!

Washing buttons and gluey fingers are part of my work day, and it’s pretty awesome.

blog2011.03.08 photo004

I love that button & wire necklace so much. I’m not sure I can part with it. lol

see you soon!

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One Response to Paper beads and Buttons – Sneak Peeks!

  1. yvonne hill says:

    i want a button and wire necklace, too! oh, please, can i? i’ll buy that one or the next one before it has any chance of being listed on etsy.


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