Stylish? Thanks!

cool beans!Well gee whiz! Tanit-Isis of Tanit-Isis Sews nomminated me for this blog meme award. Thanks T!

The “Stylish Blogger” award means that you tell your readers seven things about yourself, and then wants you to name seven further recipients. I’ll try my best!

So without further ado:

1:: I’m organized and chaotic. I *have* to have my computer files and paper files organized just so. But as I am creative, I pile. I try to keep on top of this habit, but sometimes…. ::Sigh::

2:: My fiance calls me “the cat whisperer”. I get along with 95% of cats I meet. It’s genetic, as my uncle tames wild cats, gets them fixed and adopted out to farms or homes. I love cats, but have no desire to wear cat themed sweat shirts, just kitty toques (but I lost mine in the spring of 2010 😥 )

3:: As this is a Stylish Award I should say something about my style. I’m just as comfy in jeans and a t-shirt as I am in bell bottoms, short short skirts, goth, steampunk, granola, grunge, punk, vintage, office, ethnic, black tie….. seriously. My closet is full of a huge variety of clothes. Thriftygirl has offered to photograph me this summer in my more interesting pieces. I’m gonna keep her to her word!! I’d love to have a record of me wearing them.  I won’t be doing the mohawk again though.

4:: This one is probably so obvious it hurts, I *love* jewelery. I have a ridiculous amount of bangles, earrings, necklaces, belts, scarves, rings, and hair ‘things’.  I’ve stopped buying so much (thanks to not being near a Claires with 10 for $10 sales), and being to busy to bead for myself. Do I have enough? Probably not. 🙂

5:: I love vintage style, bollywood style, and rusticly homemade styles for the home. Haven’t figured out what to do in the living room yet.  The kitchen is rustic and vintage though. 🙂

6:: I want to travel so badly, but get anxiety about leaving my home for extended periods.  In the next 5 years I want to make it to at least one of the oceans. Hopefully before I turn 40.

7:: I’m trying to pass on the craftyness to my kids without turning them off of it. No real success yet. :/  But I’ll keep trying. Next time it’ll be handsewing outfits for her Calico Critters. 🙂

Now whom to tag..err….award?

my path my journey : friend, personal blog

Creative Journey : friend, steampunk

Ewing : interesting style

Some Girls Wander: Emily’s style blog

uhhh…can’t think of 4 more. 🙂 perhaps tomorrow! *edit: added Some Girls Wander, but fail to find 3 other stylish bloggers. I guess I need to visit more blogs! 😉 *

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