A thrifting we will go!

So what is one of many things that Thriftygirl and I share in common? One guess! Thrifting of course. 🙂

So when she was down for her visit we went a-thrifting!  We drove out to Prince Albert to stalk the aisles of Value Village and the Salvation Army Goodwill Store.

blog2011.03.03 photo001

I have eclectic taste

blog2011.03.03 photo003

the saucer and glass share a similar design I didn't notice until I took this photo

I found some cool english Pyrex and a James A Jobling Pyrex 535 casserole ($3 for both!)  I also scored a bollywood-esqu table runner ($1), a jar of buttons ($1), old crochet and tatting thread ($1), some toques my son has ATM, cute dishes (25 cents each) and a heart-shaped earring tree ($1).  This is just my SallyAnn haul. Thriftygirl got a ball of yarn for 25 cents, and that’s all! :O

blog2011.03.03 photo002

English Pyrex & James A Jobling Pyrex

blog2011.03.03 photo004

now to learn tatting 🙂

The value village haul was pretty smurfy. Two unopened needlework kits ($1.99 & $2.99), some kids toys that have since been dispersed to bedrooms (forgot to take a before photo), some bar glasses for my sweetie, a ViewMaster, a houndstooth purse, yellow World of Trout corduroy bag, a smurf receiving blanket, and an adorable Gooseberry Pyrex 471 one pint casserole dish. I almost tackled Thriftgirl for it. Pyrexia took over my brain in that moment.

blog2011.03.03 photo006

I ❤ the owl!

I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting some of my haul. 😦 ahhh well. It was awesome!

blog2011.03.03 photo009

sorry Thriftygirl for almost tackling you! But it's so CUTE!!!

blog2011.03.03 photo005

remember when these were entertainment? Before video games (beyond Pong) and 24 hour cartoons?












Jewelery-wise I’m working on some pieces and ideas for Earth Day themed jewelery.  Buttons, paper, and some pretty crystals are on my worktable.  I hope to start stocking them into my shop this weekend.  I’ll be working on the ever important shop policies this evening, and hope to have the fine print in place by the end of the weekend.

I finished the Rib Tickler!! I’m pretty happy with it. Looks funky, and is warm and comfortable to wear in the house.


I've forgotten how to model. lol


The Bernat Mosaic yarn changed so gradually, green front, blue back and red, orange, and yellow edgings.












Well, I’m back to work on the new pieces! See you soon!

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One Response to A thrifting we will go!

  1. Yvonne Hill says:

    the rib tickler looks so awesome!! woot!!


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