Thriftygirl comes to … farm

Last week I had 2 house guests, Thriftygirl and her son.  It was a wonderful and crafty 4 days.  We had lots of chocolate, coffee & Bailey’s, and crochet.  The 3 C’s!

blog2011.03.01 photo001

Are you surprised the chocolate covered almonds disappeared first?

The kids had lots of fun. We hardly even saw them. I found a crafty project for them, but the kittens, dogs, snow, and climbable pine trees were more interesting. 😀

blog2011.03.01 photo002
Printables for How to Train A Dragon, which is super awesome movie.

We got lots of crocheting done in between thrifting (keep an eye out for Thursday’s post!) , eating/snacking, kids, chatting, and just generally relaxing.

blog2011.03.01 photo003

LOVE this yarn!

This is the “secret project” from a previous post.  It’s the Bull’s Eye Rib Tickler seen there is black, white and green, but now done in black, lime, and rainbow! W00t! I can’t seem to find the Etsy shop that I bought the pattern from to give proper credit.  However, here is a shop that has the pattern leaflet in stock.  If you’re interested in crocheting your very own awesome Rib Tickler (and who doesn’t??) buy it now!

blog2011.03.01 photo004

Teaching the basic Granny Square

blog2011.03.01 photo005

Now she'll be on to making a huge blanket with these new skillz 😀

blog2011.03.01 photo008

After each round I'd go on about what we could do with it! Polkadots, cogs, lollipops....

Thriftygirl wanted to expand her crochet skills beyond arigumi-style crocheting, so we did the basic granny square from the vintage crafting book I gifted her with; Creative Hands #1.  And then we tried this cute flower pattern that I found on Lucy of Attic24‘s site. It also gave me the opportunity to teach her visual crochet patterns, which need no translation. Once you master visual crochet patterns, you won’t have a problem using japanese, russian or italian, etc patterns.

Thriftygirl crochets mainly hats, when she’s not busy taking pictures or being an awesome mom.  Here’s a peek at how many she got almost done while here.

blog2011.03.01 photo007

Can you believe that she only used thrifted yarn??

5 hats! And my Rib Tickler in the background (which I’m almost done). So much crochet! So much girl-time. A much needed break and recharge.  I’m pretty much alone out here at the farm 24/7 (except for the kids of course). My fiance is finishing school, and besides that he works outside of the farm as well. Internet has been so helpful in keeping me in touch with friends and other adults. 🙂

blog2011.03.01 photo009

I made a bun with my flower and a chopstick

blog2011.03.01 photo006

A sneak peek in Thriftygirl's bag to see what new projects she has going on!

I am looking forward to spring when the weather warms up and I can start gardening and spending more time outside.  It’s been quite cold here for over a week, and it looks like March came in like a lion for the most part.  Although it was beautiful here today.  Sunny and windless, but still cold.

I’m looking forward to showing off my Rib Tickler tomorrow! I’m going to finish it tonight (while watching Idol lol).  I’ve also found the most adorable japanese crochet patterns (visual crochet FTW!) that I’m going to be trying out with crochet thread.

I’ve been stocking my shop slowly.  Slower than I’d like, but with all the behind the scene’s inventory, etc I don’t want to rush it. I guess that’s the IT/Admin.Assistant coming out in me. 🙂

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