Etsy Store is finally open!

Sparkle & Doom Designs Etsy store is now open for business.  🙂

And located on the side bar —->

I’ve stocked 10 pieces today, and will be stocking more in the following days…..and weeks to follow.

Check it out!  It’s still very rough (no header, etc.) but will be fleshed out and looking pretty in a short while.  Be on the look out for the Grand Opening, but remember most of the pieces are unique unless there’s a special request. So if you wait to long, your favorite piece may be gone. 🙂

I’m quite excited to be taking this step.  Looking through Etsy there is so many beautiful pieces and talented artists.  There is also a lot of pieces being sold at a loss, sometimes at an extreme loss, which makes it hard for artists and creators who want to make a profitable business from their handmade work and talent.  I’ve run into this problem at local events in the past. It makes it very hard to justify to an undiscriminating buyer why they should buy my work over another’s.  But in saying that, there is something to be said for uniqueness and falling in love with something whether it’s a deal or priced fairly.

Please visit my shop! Comment below if you like it or see anything I could do better.  Also leave a link to your shop if you have one. See you soon!

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2 Responses to Etsy Store is finally open!

  1. molly says:

    congratulations, anita! what a big step! i hope you do really, really well! and i will keep an eye on your offerings, looking for just the ‘perfect’ beautiful thing!


  2. Thanks Molly! Seeing people wearing my pieces gives me such a thrill! I hope you do find the perfect thing, and then I’ll have to visit The Wool Emporium to see it on you. 🙂


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