Thrift Bonanza! Yeah!

Been having an awesome few days here at the farm. Sadly, I forgot to do a Wordless Wednesday post. 😦

But thanks to Thriftgirl I have a thrift bonanza to share.  She got me 3 (count them – THREE) big bags of broken jewelery!  So much awesomeness. I actually got overload.

blog2011.02.24 photo001As we were going through all of the pieces, we discovered that many of them seemed broken on purpose.  Does the staff at Value Village break the jewelery on purpose? With evil laughs? :/

blog2011.02.24 photo002

Thriftygirl, coffee with Baileys, and jewelery bonanza to sort 😀

I’ve been spending the last few days visiting with Thriftygirl, crocheting, listening to kids play, and thrifting.


blog2011.02.24 photo003

Me & Tri blogging (photo credit: Thriftygirl)

Thanks to Thriftygirl for the photo and professional editing of all the photo’s on this blog post!  She does professional photography on a part-time basis.  She even made my photo’s of my haul look great.

I hope your long weekend and holiday week (for those with kids) was just as awesome.

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4 Responses to Thrift Bonanza! Yeah!

  1. molly says:

    what a lovely haul of loot! don’t you sometimes feel that people like us – who love all the bits and bobs and shiny things – are a bit like magpies? i surely do!
    i’m glad you and yvonne are having such a grand time – i’m envious as i’ve spent this week having the flu 😦 didn’t make it to the wool emporium to work and won’t make it for the ufo tomorrow.
    oh well – enjoy your crafting, and i’m looking forward to seeing how all those lovely things end up!
    molly (and hi to yvonne!)


    • boo for the flu 😦
      I’ll be taking pictures of all our crochet projects that we started and completed. Lots of hooking happened. lol

      My haul was uber fabulous, not to mention the haul from the shopping trip we took. Pictures to come. 🙂


  2. Tanit-Isis says:

    Wow, aren’t you having fun! 🙂 The VV in S’toon is so much better than the one out here, sigh. Although, out here it’s only a few blocks from my house so at least I can check frequently. 🙂


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