Family Day

I had an interesting weekend.  Firstly, our water stopped running into our main floor bathroom, which is in the “addition” part of the house. We thought that the pipes had froze due to it being extremely cold for the last couple of days.  In the middle of Saturday night I discovered water flooding the floor of the cold room, which has the soil pipe (the drainage pipe for all the water) and the pipes going into the addition.  I was alarmed and shut off the water pump, thereby stopping all water flowage in the house.  In the morning we discovered that the hot water pipe has burst (under the addition), so now we’ll have to wait until it warms up a bit before we can fix it.  There was enough water to come up through the dirt floor of the cold room/root cellar. 😦 yuck.  We just haven’t been keeping the fire going hot enough at night to keep under the house warm enough.  Hopefully this was the last cold snap of this winter.

blog2011.02.21 photo005



We had family over for a short visit.  My fiance’s brother, wife, daughter, and adorable son. 🙂 We had to give him back, sadly.  My future MIL and SIL went through my inventory.  I love looking through jewelery, even if I made it. 😀






But craft wise – got three projects done. 🙂

blog2011.02.21 photo001Firstly, my loomed rug. It’s smaller than what I was thinking it would be.  If I make another, I’d do at least another row and column.  My fiance now wants a blanket! LOL I think I’d buy a bigger loom before I would even consider it.  I really like this little rug.  It lives in front of my kitchen sink and is quite cushy.  I think I’ll wait a bit before I make another, even though I have tons of shirts I could use.

blog2011.02.21 photo003I crocheted these two Sarah’s Steampunk Collars (from Interweave Crochet Accessories 2010) in October and November and after playing with my buttons for fun remembered I had to finish them off by sewing on the buttons (which were packed still in October and November).

blog2011.02.21 photo010

The orange/pink/red one is made with yarn I’ve had for a while, Red Heart I believe.  I had 4 vintage clear, red, matching buttons that were perfect.

The second one was made with a thrifted soft black yarn and Ambrosia Mosaic Bernat yarn that I LOVE!  I really like all the colours that I’ve bought. (Mosaic, Ambrosia, Medusa, and Psychedelic) But there are more that I haven’t seen and covet.

blog2011.02.21 photo009I wanted this one to have a steampunk look, so I went through my metal buttons and decided to use buttons with coat-of-arms on them.  None of them are “real” military buttons, but they are still pretty good looking.  I mixed up the metal tones to give it a piecemeal feel.  It’s almost post-apocalyptic, except for the awesome yarn. I’m sure it’ll be one of the first things to go – besides canned ham. 😛

blog2011.02.21 photo007

blog2011.02.21 photo004

blog2011.02.21 photo002

I can't express how much I love buttons

My next project that I need to finish is the Babette Blanket I made for my fiance.  I just need to sew in all the yarn ends.  There are SO MANY! <sigh>

blog2011.02.21 photo011

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One Response to Family Day

  1. Tanit-Isis says:

    Gah, what a weekend! And I was annoyed E overflowed the toilet…

    Love those crocheted collars… almost enough to tempt me to try something, except I haven’t finished a crocheted object since highschool.


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