Thrifty Thursday: What have I unpacked lately?

A late Thrifty Thursday, but late is better than never.  I had a few things going on yesterday here, and today my internet is in the red…so this could take a while to reach blogland.  I have satellite internet, which sounds cool, but really isn’t. My ca for downloads and uploads is 200MB a day. And if I go over that (hello auto-windows update) then my internet slows to a crawl. It’s supposed to refresh at midnight, and give me a window of 5 hours of unlimited d/l and u/l. Read: supposed.  Today: not so much. Ugh, I need to talk to my SaskTel rep.  Needless to say (and rant aside) I’m late. And no, not that kind of late. 😉

blog2011.02.18 photo005

blog2011.02.18 photo004I was looking around for some thrifty finds to showcase, and I realized I had recently unpacked these 2 tins, which now live on my kitchen counter next to my pretty dishwasher soap holding tin.  They don’t have a purpose besides being pretty and matchy-matchy. They probably cost $2 each at the most.

blog2011.02.18 photo001

blog2011.02.18 photo002blog2011.02.18 photo003I love these plaster wall plaques! My parents had skunks when I was a kid, but not the same as these ones. The birds are my favorite, with the owls a close second.  They are a bit chipped but I love them anyway.  I haven’t figured out where I’m going to put them yet. But I’m leaning towards the bathroom as I have a collection of art plates (not thrifted but *awesome*) that I want up in the kitchen.  I want a Kitchen Prayer plaque in orange.  I saw one but decided not to get it for some odd reason, and now I can’t stop thinking about it. gah!

blog2011.02.18 photo009

blog2011.02.18 photo007blog2011.02.18 photo008Fabric! Mennonite Clothes Closet, or Village Green as it’s now called in Saskatoon, sells little packs of fabric remnants for $2 – $2.50.  This is a pink pack.  I’ve gotten several other packs, but I just unpacked this out of a box packed with random things (I am a terrible packer) so it’s the one you get to see.  I love the bunny fabric and the deep pink floral.  These are perfect for hand-pieced quilts.  I made my daughter a fashion scarf and patched a pair of jeans with hexes made from thrifted fabric like this. Maybe I should show you some time!

As I said, I’ve had a difficult few days, but that didn’t stop me from working on that loomed rug.  I really, REALLY don’t want it to become a UFO (UnFinished Object).  Here’s a photo of it almost done.  Just have to connect all the squares!  I’ll be showing it off when it’s done that’s for sure.

blog2011.02.18 photo006

Thanks to everyone who’s reading and commenting.  I’m excited to be here, and excited to be sharing my crafting, farming life with you. 😀

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