when UFOs become WIPs

I had a great weekend, with the focus being relaxing. The weather co-operated and we got some good wood chopping in.  Unfortunately that means the wood is wet and doesn’t burn as hotly.  Hopefully by the time the weather gets cold again it will have dried out enough to burn efficiently.

I found a WIP that I started this past summer on Saturday and decided to finish it.  I was browsing blogland when I found this tutorial from Petite Purls for a rug and had just happened to have purchased a square loom at Dollarama  that week.  Combining thrift and craft is something that I love to do! Using well-used and/or outgrown jersey shirts courtesy of my children and fiance I measured and cut and started looping and weaving! This is such an easy craft! My kids made me potholders with original nylon loops that came with the plastic looms. Then we packed up and moved out to the farm, and it got put into a bag and set aside.

blog2011.02.13 photo001

I have a lot of basic colours to use, so I incorporated the bright tee's in small bursts to highlight the weaving and give the rug a zakka feel

blog2011.02.13 photo002

it's a small pile, but they work up fast. I looped 10 x10, so I skipped every second post.

blog2011.02.13 photo003

I use my circle cutter (carefully!) to cut up my 6"-6.5" x 2.5" strips. I have a small pile of shirts etc to cut up, even a Happy Bunny nightshirt will add colour!

The plastic looms have held up for this project, but if I was going to do a lot of this type of weaving, it would probably be a good idea to invest in the wonderful wooden looms being made by CraftSanity.  I’m hoping to get this project done in a week and save it from becoming a forgotten UFO. I’m thinking of getting the placemat sized loom from CraftSanity and making some mats for ourselves and for gifts.  Also with that big of a loom, making a blanket would be way less intimidating!

blog2011.02.13 photo004

sewing through the loops with a yarn needle and crochet thread to hold the loops while it's off the loom. I do a separate tie off for each side so I can loop up each side one at a time without unweaving the whole thing.

I also came across this tutorial from Craft: to make a comfy top for summer. So I’m saving some shirts and will probably be hooking it up next week when Thriftygirl comes and visits for a few days. I expect we’ll be getting up to all sorts of hooky mischief!

And for your viewing pleasure…

A squirrel sleeping on  fir bough in the sunshine

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