Thrifted Jewellery Scores

Thrift shopping and garage sale shopping are two of my second favorite activities, first being crafting.  Finding beads and jewellery while thrifting/garage ‘saling’ is combining the two, and gives me such a thrill.

For this Thrifty Thursday I’ll share a few of my more awesome scores. I love buying the mixed bag of jewellery from Value Village and individual pieces at Village Green.  The “VV Boutique” in Saskatoon has large bags for $15 (used to be $10), and the Prince Albert one has small bags for $4.  There is quite a bit of junk, but there is treasure to be had!


pieces made from bone

The necklaces above were purchased at Village Green in Saskatoon,  They’re made from bone, not ivory.  The bracelet was in a mixed bag from VV in Saskatoon.  I will be re-using the beads from these pieces and make a number of beautiful earrings and necklaces from them.  To purchase these beads new I would be paying about $0.25 each for the small ones, and probably about $2 – $5 for the bigger carved beads.  So it’s a deal for me, and you!


Notice the broken bead on the bracelet?


lucky finds

The jade or agate bead necklace on the left and the wooden one on the right were both purchased at Saskatoon’s Village Green. The silver pendant necklace in the centre is a hand-down I think from a friend downsizing her jewellery collection.

separated from the "chaff"

This collection of  treasure was from a bag from VV.  You can see that sometimes you’ll find crystals, gemstones, silver, interesting glass, and Mother-of-Pearl in a bag. I get a lot of glee looking through a bag, digging through plastic pony beads and mardi gras beads to find these sweet treasures.


cute inlaid cat and broken pin top (gold?)


inlaid arrow head pendant and part of a chinese bracelet

If this hasn’t inspired you to go thrifting, perhaps it’s inspired you to take a second look at your jewellery collection and think about transforming a piece into something more wearable and special! I can help with that. 🙂

**The blue chevron afghan in the background is a WIP for my son.  I’m making it with thrifted yarn. More thrift! I’ll be talking about my numerous WIPs in the near future in the hopes that I’ll be able to stay on task and get them done! I have a number of UFOs here, you’d think there was an invasion in progress! Looking over my shoulder for the MIB! lol**


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