seeds,seeds…everywhere, seeds

I refilled the bird seed feeders in the yard  today.  We get about a dozen chickadees, a few nuthatches, a female downy woodpecker, and a couple of brown birds I haven’t identified yet.  They are loving the seeds, of course.  I’ll have to be patient someday (when it’s warmer out) and take some pictures.


We have just these feeders so far.  I made a pumpkin feeder (ala Martha Stewart), which is starting to look pretty bad due to the warmer weather a little while ago. We’ll be making more in the spring, that’s for sure. I love having the chickadees around, and I hope to be able to hand feed them soon. It’s a little hard to convince them I mean no harm with 3 dogs bouncing around and barking though.

Waiting for warmer weather is easier in a toasty home, and keeping the fire burning is mainly my responsibility. I start the fire most mornings, and we when come home after going out for several hours. I’ve discovered that kindling is super important to me. It may not seem like a big deal, but if I can’t get the fire going well quickly, the house stays chilly, and I don’t like being chilly. So I gather ice cream buckets (the big kind from an ice cream store) full of sticks, and bark. This summer we’ll be better prepared for winter by making bundles of kindling with twine, and then I won’t even have to untie them. I never would have guessed that a bunch of sticks would matter so much to this city girl. I love living here, and I don’t mind having a furnace fueled by wood.

I’ve been beading everyday. I’ve got so many ideas! I’m afaid I’ll lose them before I make them a reality. Guess I should break out my inspiration notebook again.


loving my job


orange!(my favorite colour btw)


seeds, seeds, and more seeds

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