Thrifty Thursday: vintage crafting tools

As I mention in my about me, I love thrifting. I LOVE thrifting. This *spread-my-arms-wide-and-add-a-million-feet-on-each-side* much.

I’m dedicating Thursday’s to sharing and talking about thrifted finds (scores!), thrifting trips, and plain thriftiness.

blog2011.02.03 photo001I’m a sucker for crafting tools, especially ones that are in perfect condition and are vintage.
This Speed-O-Weave by Lily is awesome. It was $2! It has all it’s pieces and an instruction book. It was in perfect condition, and was probaby hardly used, if at all.

The Hairpin Lace Crochet Loom is unopened and I got it for 25 cents! There has been a few patterns in the magazines that use hairpin lace that I’ve been wanting to try.

blog2011.02.03 photo002

The third tool is the Hazel’s Loom. It’s for making those straw flowers you see on old purses and shopping bags. I think it’ll be cute to make for curtain details, and details to add to my daughter’s clothes.

I haven’t had a chance to use any of these great finds, but now that I’m concentrating on crafting (at least part-time due to being a mom 🙂 ) I’m intending on becoming skilled with them and teaching my kids to use them.

Lastly, the thimble. This was a surprise find in a bag of mixed sewing notions I got for $1. It’s been extremely scratched on the enamel and the design is worn away. There is just a slight bit of gold left that may have been a shamrock. The top is opalite (sea opal glass) as I’m sure real opal would be to soft to be used in a thimble. It’s sterling silver and has Birks stamped on the inside. A sweet little treasure.

blog2011.02.03 photo003blog2011.02.03 photo004

I’m looking forward to sharing more of my thrifted treasures and adventures with you.  I have wonderful woven ribbon/edging piece from the 60’s or 70’s that would make great cuffs. A ton of old old old embroidery floss, some from my granma’s sewing box. Some great beads and jewelery that have unique character and are begging to be reincarnated into a new piece of jewelery. Pyrex! Federal Glass! Fire King! Fisher Price! My nana’s knitting leaflets. And of coure the Needlework magazines from the 70’s that have some fantastic patterns hidden away in them.

I’m a lucky gal with a fiance who loves thrifting, kids who love it, and bff’s who love thrift & keep an eye out for deals for me – thx Thriftgirl!

Until next week, Happy Thrifting!

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One Response to Thrifty Thursday: vintage crafting tools

  1. Holly C. says:

    Thank you for the info on the mushroom scouring powder shaker! I had no idea, that that’s what it was.


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