Hand crafting, literally

They say the first post is always the hardest. Okay, they don’t….but I do. What do I say? What’s going to
pique your interest and encourage you to continue reading my words and looking at my pictures? I’ll be writing
about my crafting adventures and pieces that I’ve created for sale in my Etsy shop.

I create jewelery from new, thrifted, and repurposed beads and random objects. I love beadings, crochet and other hand crafts.  I aim to learn a whole host of other skills such as knitting, tattings, lace-making, and advanced embroidery. I teach friends who want to learn and an after-school program for two years.

I love thrifting!
I absolutely love buying beads, yarn, old needlepoint kits, old crafting magazines, new crafting magazines, buttons, and interesting doodads!  My collection is getting pretty crazy, so I am intending on creating some wonderful pieces and pass on my treasures to you.

I’ve recently bought a farm in the middle of Saskatchewan and in the summer will be gardening, keeping chickens, and doing the whole shebang for the first time! Also this is the first time I will be seriously selling my jewelery and other creations as a real home-business.

I’m looking forward to interacting with the wonderful crafters blogging around the world. I’m excited to be joining your ranks, and hope I can live up to my own expectations!

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3 Responses to Greetings

  1. Tanit-Isis says:

    Hey, I’m from Saskatchewan! Thanks for the comment on my skirt 🙂


    • Hey! We know each other from the good ol’days. 🙂

      How are you and R and the kidlets doing? I read a little bit, and I’m sad to hear that your daughter has been super sick! 😦

      I just started my blog – posting about crafts, and farming and stuff. I love your sewing talents! Some day I’ll be sewing and looking to you for inspiration. 😀


      • Tanit-Isis says:

        Alrighty, now I’ve figured it out! 🙂 Both kids took their turns at being super-sick (naturally they couldn’t do it at the same time), but are better now, sigh. R is pretty good, although his job is working him pretty hard…

        I still have one of your beaded pouch-necklaces from back in the day, too :). I will definitely be keeping an eye on your projects… especially if you stray towards sewing ;).


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